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Learnigo Product Feature: Understanding Speech

Learnigo's Understanding Speech Program

An estimated 6-15% of children have a language disorder with no known cause (“Speech and Language Disorders in Children,” 2016). Some children experience receptive language difficulties (affecting language comprehension), expressive language difficulties (affecting spoken and written language), or both.

Language disabilities often

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Learnigo Product Feature: Visual Perception

Learnigo's Visual Perception Program

Visual perception in occupational therapy is defined as a child’s ability to make sense of and interpret what they see (Stanton, 1968).

Key aspects of visual perception critical for children's development and learning include:

  • Figure and background perception
  • Constancy perception
  • Perception of object

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Learnigo Product Feature: Focus and Memory Program

Learnigo's Focus and Memory Program

We know that focus and memory are important, but did you know that memory can affect attention? (Cowan et al., 2024). Because we can only focus on so many things at a time, our memories are stored based

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Learnigo Product Feature: Articulation Program

Learnigo's Articulation Program

Welcome back, Learnigo Learner!

Let’s learn about Learnigo’s Articulation Program, one of the most comprehensive articulation products available to SLPs. This program is part of Learnigo’s ultimate online resource library, featuring thousands of engaging activities to help students learn and

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