Auditory Perception - cover

Auditory Perception (EDU & SLP)

A set of interactive exercises stimulating and improving the development of auditory
perception, analysis and auditory synthesis, auditory attention and concentration, and auditory memory.
This DEMO represents less than 5% of the entire Auditory Perception product.
The Auditory Perception (EDU & SLP) program is most appropriate for younger learners (approximately 4-10 years old) working on reading and writing. This is because auditory perception disorders usually present themselves during the reading and writing process, as earlier they may have gone unnoticed by parents and teachers. The Auditory Perception program can be adjusted to fit individual needs. Depending on the level of development of auditory functions and the child’s age, it can serve different purposes: prevention of problems in the development of auditory perception, stimulation, therapy, and improvement of auditory perception functions.
The program can be used 1:1 and group sessions, as a stand-alone practice, or as supplemental practice with other activities.
The Auditory Perception (EDU & SLP) program consists of:
  1. Over 600 interactive screens (games, puzzles, selecting, etc.)
  2. Online access to content to use at any place at any time (e.g., school, home, therapy office, on-the-go-, etc.)
  3. Multiple opportunities to practice
  4. Printable worksheets for additional practice
  5. Customizable practice, including options for hints, fewer options to minimize distractions, and a progress panel
  6. Easy descriptions including written and recorded instructions
  7. Data on progress
The material in the Auditory Perception (EDU & SLP) program is arranged according to the level of difficulty.
The program includes the following dedicated exercise sections:
  • Recognizing and differentiating between sounds
  • Sequences and rhythms
  • Phonemic hearing
  • Auditory analysis and synthesis
  • Auditory memory
  • Rhymes and puzzles
  • Listening games
  • Listen – hear, play – arrange (worksheets)