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Handwriting (EDU & OT)

This program is designed for the prevention, screening, and intervention of dysgraphia as well as for writing practice and developing fine motor skills.
This DEMO represents less than 2% of the entire Handwriting product.
The program can be used for correction and compensation work as well as for teaching and remedial classes with children with developmental delays, specific learning difficulties (including those showing symptoms of dysgraphia or low muscle tone), children with poor concentration, intellectual disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders. It can also be a preventive tool to prepare children for learning to write, which supports traditional writing exercises.
This program allows specialists to evaluate the child’s level of graphomotor skills and plan preventative or therapeutic actions based on the child’s observed challenges, in both the preschool and early school stages.
The Handwriting (EDU & OT) program contains nearly 800 interactive screens for four age groups (3, 4, 5, 6/7) that:
  1. Provide an initial screening via graphomotor skills test
  2. Help personalize the work with the child and include tasks that best suit their needs
  3. Allow versatility – mainly when working with a tablet, but also with a whiteboard or interactive monitor (during handwriting exercises and exercises involving drawing large patterns)
  4. Allow comprehensive letter-drawing check – direction, shape, sequence, checking the number of points missed, and checking the number of contour lines intersections.
Below are some of the skills needed before and in the course of learning to write:
  • Drawing vertical, horizontal, and oblique lines
  • Drawing oval lines and circles
  • drawing from memory
  • Drawing a pattern (with and without gridlines)
  • Drawing with one-hand movement
  • Finishing an incomplete drawing or pattern
  • Completing the elements most frequently associated with graphomotor skills: mazes, coloring, connecting dots, patterns
  • Writing letters (learning to draw on multiple levels)
The Handwriting (EDU & OT) program also includes many exercises where focus and attention are key elements. These include many drawing exercises in which various parameters are scored, such as drawing in a given direction, drawing without lifting the hand, the number of points through which the line has been drawn, etc.