Articulation part 1 - cover

Articulation (SLP)

A diverse library of interactive screens that systematically target each of the English phonemes in the initial, medial, and final positions (as appropriate) from isolation to oral reading.
This DEMO represents less than 5% of the entire Articulation product.
The entire Articulation Program (SLP) program is divided into 3 parts grouped into early, intermediate, and late-developing sounds:
  1. Part 1: The phonemes included in this program are: /b/, /n/, /m/, /p/, /h/, /w/, /d/, /t/, /y /.
  2. Part 2: The phonemes included in the program are: /g/, /k/, /f/, /v/, /ŋ/, /s/, /s/ blends, /z/, / sh/.
  3. Part 3: The phonemes included in the program are: /ch/, /j/, /l/, /zh/, /l/ blends, /r/, /r/ blends, /th/ voiced , /th/ voiceless.
The Articulation Program can be purchased as a bundle to include all three parts or each part can be purchased separately.
What the Articulation (SLP) program consists of:
  1. Over 1500 interactive screens (games, puzzles, coloring, etc.) all accessible through a computer, Smart Board, tablet, and even mobile devices (online)
  2. A multisensory program created using evidence-based articulation principles
  3. Multiple opportunities to practice a target phoneme including recording for auditory feedback
  4. An easily navigable library organized by phoneme, starting with sound practice at the isolation level through oral reading
  5. Printable worksheets for additional practice
  6. Customizable practice, including options for hints, fewer options to minimize distractions, and a progress panel
  7. Multimodal options including written and recorded instructions
  8. Data on progress at the end of each phoneme
This program is most appropriate for younger learners working on articulation, but can be adjusted to fit individual needs. Some activities may be better suited for learners who can read. The program can be used 1:1 and group sessions as well as a stand-alone practice or supplemental practice with other activities.
The phonemes included in the program are:
/b/, /n/, /m/, /p/, /h/, /w/, /t/, /d/, /g/, /k/, /f/, /ŋ/, /j/, /v/, /ʤ/, /s/, /s/ blends, /z/, /ʧ/, /l/, /l/ blends, /ʃ/, /ʒ/,/ð/, /θ/, /r/, /r/ blends
The structure of the program is based on the established bottom-up drill approach for articulation. This program assumes that the errors are placement-based and the goal is to train for the correct production (via place, manner, and voice) using a hierarchy of difficulty for each phoneme, as appropriate: isolation, syllables, initial position of (one, two or three syllable words), medial position of words, final position of words, mixed word positions, phrases, sentences, connected sentences, such as texts and rhymes, conversation in various contexts with different communication partners.