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Using the Learnigo Platform

What is the Learnigo Platform?

Learnigo’s user-friendly platform is the gateway for accessing Learnigo content, from all of our programs, freebies, data management tool, and other helpful content.

Head over to the Platform homepage to get started by creating a free account or logging into an existing account.

Setting up your Platform account

Once you’re on the Platform, select “Log in” to access an existing account or “Register” to create a new account for free. You’ll see four sections in the tab bar at the top:

  • Home
  • My products
  • All products
  • Shop
  • Help

We’ll go through each of these sections to learn about their features and help you easily navigate the platform.

My products

“My products” is where you’ll find all of your purchased Learnigo products, downloaded freebies, and demos.

On the left side, you can filter through the different products by applying the section filters. Products are organized by the professionals who will be most likely to use them:

  • SLP = speech-language pathologists
  • OT = occupational therapists
  • EDU = special educators

You can click on the “star” icon at the top right of each product to add any collection to your favorites for faster access.

Another feature in the “My products” section is the “Custom Collections” tab. Here, you can customize any of your Learnigo products. For example, you can include a link to a YouTube video that you’d like to use to demonstrate a concept from one of your Learnigo products, making it easier to access additional resources every time you’re working with a particular Learnigo product.

All products

The “All products” section is where you can browse all of the available Learnigo products. You’ll find a description of each product, examples from the program, and a table of contents to see the full product offering.

By clicking on “buy,” you’ll be directed to the Pricing Plans page where you can see the cost per product or bundle on a monthly or yearly subscriptions, enter any discount codes, and complete a purchase.


The “Sessions” tab will take you to a free data management and organization tool available to anyone with a free Learnigo account.

Here, you’ll be able to add student profiles, schedule both individual and group sessions, save and track data for each student, and add resources to plan your sessions.

The Learnigo Sessions Tool is not limited to therapists; it can be used by anyone who works with students and clients targeting any skill. Think of Sessions as a one-stop-shop for organizing your session or lesson plan and tracking student progress.

You can also generate graphs showing a particular student’s progress towards their short term and long term goals. This is a great tool to share with families and other key stakeholders during meetings!

If you want a detailed look at Learnigo’s session feature, you can learn more here.


The “Shop” tab will take you to the Pricing Plans page. We know that therapists and educators have diverse needs (just like the students they see!), so our pricing module is designed to be:

Flexible: Choose between a monthly or yearly subscription with the price. As you select different products, you’ll see the prices adjust automatically with suggestions on how to save even more, so you always have the most optimal pricing up-front.

Customizable: We’ve included four pre-selected bundles for SLPs, OTs, and Educators. These bundles contain between 6-9 systematically organized products depending on your professional needs. Plus, we have a mega discounted bundle that includes all 13 products. These bundles are a good place to start if you target a variety of skills in your practice or want to have a comprehensive set of activities. And, yes, you can also create your own bundle!

Cost-effective: The more you buy, the more you save. For example, if you purchase 4 products, you can select another two products for free. So, for the price of 4 products, you actually get 6! hint: we do give out promo codes and freebies to our email subscribers from time-to-time so, if you’d like to get a discount and access to exclusive freebies, sign up here!

Help Section

In this last section, we’ve organized detailed step-by-step directions on common issues you may run into. about how to add a student, using the calendar function, and more. You can read browse the topics to get the help that you need or you can request help for more specific issues here.

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