ADHD - screen 1


A set of activity scenarios, tips, interactive exercises, and worksheets designed to support students in two age groups (6+ and 11+) showing symptoms of or diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
This DEMO represents less than 4.5% of the entire ADHD product.
ADHD (EDU) exercises include nearly 700 interactive screens available for use during sessions implementing the proposed scenarios from the publications or as supplements to them. Additionally, there are extra interactive screens containing exercise suggestions targeting the areas and skills most commonly affected in children diagnosed with ADHD (e.g., impulsivity control training, reaction delay, flexibility, cognitive flexibility, planning, verbal fluency, working memory, moral development, and others).
Some features of the ADHD (EDU) program are:
  1. Supplemented with a set of additional materials (a methodological guide, two publications with meeting scenarios designed specifically for this program)
  2. Divided into two age groups
  3. A resource constructed to be used regularly in small groups (e.g., in sessions focusing on developing socio-emotional skills) or on an ad-hoc basis, tailored to the needs, capabilities, and work plans of specific therapists and students
  4. Dozens of topics and task proposals tested in working with children diagnosed with ADHD or showing symptoms
  5. Focused on attention disorders, hyperactivity, and impulsivity – three characteristic symptoms of ADHD
The program includes the following dedicated exercise sections:
  1. Impulse Control. Inhibition Training
  2. Reaction Delay
  3. Working Memory
  4. Verbal Fluency
  5. Precision and Self-control
  6. Planning
  7. Predicting Consequences
  8. Focus and Perceptiveness
  9. Cognitive Flexibility
  10. Switching Ability and Attentional Divisibility